New England Custom Timber Frames "Genuine Post & Beam Structures"
New England Custom Timber Frames - Greg Videtto

About Us at NEC

I started timber framing in 1998, working on a side project with my father for our house
in Martha’s Vineyard. At that point in life I already had 6 years of experience with a custom
home builder.

I quickly realized how heavy my passion was for the old art of timber framing and custom
wood working. Soon after I finished that project with my father, I went off on my own to
open “New England Custom”. I’ve followed my dreams, worked hard, and enjoyed building this
company from scratch.

New England Custom is a company that has matured from honest work, support from my family,
a few great employees’, and the community. Our custom designs and work speaks for itself.
Attention to detail, efficient and effective scheduling, and customer communication are just a few examples that sets us apart from the rest.

I would love to help make the project of your dreams come true.

Greg Videtto

President / Sole proprietor